Scott & Jon’s
Healthy Frozen Shrimp Bowls!

Our goal is simple; To create and share delicious healthy frozen shrimp bowls that steam up fresh, are under 300 calories, and are filled with simple, wholesome ingredients that can be found in any kitchen or pantry.

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low-calorie shrimp bowls shrimp scampi
low-calorie shrimp bowls pesto penne

We use simple,
wholesome ingredients.

Using fresh foods and spices found in the average kitchen, we combine every ingredient in our recipes to maximize flavor and minimize calories. We strive to have an ingredient list you can read and understand. No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Chemical-free, ethically sourced shrimp

Real cheeses

Al dente pastas & authentic rice noodles

Long grain rice

Crisp vegetables picked at the peak of freshness

our food mission

We’re big on shrimp.

There’s a reason Scott & Jon picked America’s favorite seafood as the star for many of our meals.

Ethically Sourced | Chemical Free
Low-Calorie | High Protein
A Whole Food, Not Processed Meat Product

low-calorie shrimp bowls best aquaculture practices

We are two brothers from Maine with big appetites and healthy lifestyles.

Our mission is to create delicious healthy frozen shrimp bowls without the added guilt that typically comes from eating indulgent food. Our recipes are healthy, under 300 calories, and made with simple, wholesome ingredients found in the average everyday kitchen.

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low-calorie shrimp bowls two brothers