Trendhunter Lifestyle: Sustainable Seafood Bowls

Scott & Jon’s Pasta and Noodle Bowls Feature Protein-Packed Shrimp

Scott & Jon’s creates a variety of rice- and noodle-based seafood bowls that are made with sustainably sourced shrimp and come in at less than 300 calories. The comforting and convenient microwavable bowls are offered in unique varieties like Sweet Chipotle and Jambalaya that help to fill a void for high-quality, on-the-go seafood options. 

These nourishing, low-calorie seafood bowls are packed with vegetables, shrimp as a source of protein and flavorful combinations of spices to create meals that are altogether exciting and healthy. These frozen seafood meals take only a few minutes to make straight from the freezer, offering a virtually effortless way to fuel the body with ingredients that are high-quality, fresh and sustainable.

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