Rethinking the Frozen Entrée Aisle

Better For You Meals. More Craveable Than Ever!

Hi, we’re Scott & Jon. We’re two brothers, former athletes, and new dads who understand that big flavor food doesn’t have to mean big pant sizes. We make high-quality, actually delicious meals that you can feel good about eating.

This brand was born from the frustration of tasteless, low calorie meals that left us unsatisfied. Our solution was to create frozen entrees the same way we prepare meals in our homes. That means indulgent recipes, rich ingredients, and savvy substitutions – food with high standards, even if our calorie count is low.

Our goal is to challenge ourselves and the frozen category in the supermarket; we’re determined to make the best products possible.

Our fresh take on frozen food.

Each recipe begins with a shopping trip to the local grocery store. We prioritize smart ingredients that can be found in our mother’s kitchen pantry.

So what is our magic? We use spices, herbs & seasonings to deliver the most flavor per calorie. Smart substitutes, like Neufchâtel cheese, replace heavy cheeses. And we even use real butter, just less than other brands. Our vegetables make the quick trip from farm to freezer that captures them at their absolute nutritional peak. And our seafood takes that same speedy path, flash-frozen to remain as firm and fresh as the instant it waved goodbye to the waves. That action also locks in moisture, so there’s no need for the chemical phosphates that other brands use.

Then, we test each recipe with our own taste buds. And we do it over and over and over again to ensure each meal delivers delicious, indulgence that satisfies cravings and warms the soul.

There’s a reason we picked America’s favorite seafood as the star of the flavorful meals we create to support your active life. This low-calorie, high-protein food is made almost entirely of water, earning shrimp a prime place on your weekly menu.

Scott & Jon’s meals provide the taste you want—without the calories you don’t, in recipes fit for your busy life.