frequently asked questions

Why did you add 20% more food to your bowls?

We listened to your feedback! Many consumers requested slightly larger portions, so we’ve bumped up the amount of food in our bowls by 20%. You’ll be happy to know we used the same wholesome ingredients you love. And the best part? No price increase! We hope you enjoy this change.

Are your products Dairy-free?

Some, but not all of them are Dairy-free. Check the product packaging, as all of our
allergens are properly labeled on the package.

Are your products Gluten-free?

While we are not Gluten-free certified, the following items are made with gluten-free ingredients:

Garlic Butter Shrimp Rice Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp Fried Rice Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageHoney Garlic Shrimp Rice Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageCilantro Lime Shrimp Burrito Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp & Mushroom Risotto Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp Jambalaya Rice Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageHoney Sesame Salmon Rice bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageMediterranean Herb Salmon Brown Rice and Quinoa Bowl from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp Fajita 10-Minute Meal from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp Alfredo with Broccoli 10-Minute Meal from Scott & Jon's - front of packageShrimp Alfredo with Broccoli 10-Minute Meal from Scott & Jon's - front of package

Are your bowls made in a Gluten-free facility?

The facility where our bowls are made does on occasion produce gluten-containing items.
There are allergen-specific changeover protocols in place to reduce the possibility of
cross-contamination to as low as possible.

Do your products contain any nuts or tree nuts?

Our product contains no nuts or tree nuts & are produced
in a nut-free facility.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! We source paperboard for our outer carton from an approved FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) supplier that utilizes 100% virgin fibers of Radiata Pine and Eucalyptus. The paper bowl inside is also made from renewable and sustainable materials and is 90% biodegradable.

Within the manufacturing process the supplier complies with FDA guidelines and uses paperboard that meets CFR regulations:

  • 21 CFR § 176.170 Components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.
  • 21 CFR § 176.180 Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry foods.

You may find a plastic inner bowl instead of paper. This is due to ongoing supply chain issues in the CPG industry and is only temporary. However, these CPET bowls are still fully recyclable.

How do I cook your bowls if I don't have a microwave?

Our entrees are designed for a microwave. If a microwave is unavailable we suggest the follow methods:

STOVETOP cooking instructions for 8oz bowls:
1. Empty the bowl into a pan
2. Add 1/4 cup of water
3. Cook on medium heat until the shrimp are fully cooked

OVEN cooking instructions for 8oz bowls:
1. Preheat oven to 375F and have rack set in the middle of the oven
2. Remove bowl from box and make a 1” slit in the middle of the film
3. Place bowl on baking sheet and cook for 35-40 minutes making sure food reaches a minimum of 165F
4. Let rest for 2 minutes then carefully remove film being aware of steam.
5. Stir and enjoy.

Why are the shrimp gray?

Our shrimp bowls are intentionally prepared with frozen raw shrimp. This is a feature
that differentiates us from other prepared frozen meals. Our shrimp are only cooked
once in your microwave, which gives them a fresher taste. Raw shrimp are typically
a translucent-greyish color, which is perfectly normal. They will turn a white/pinkish
color when properly cooked.

How many shrimp are supposed to be in each bowl?

4-6 shrimp are typically found in each bowl. Our ingredients, including shrimp, are added
by total weight.  Because shrimp naturally vary in size and weight, there may be a different number of
shrimp in an individual meal, but the weight proportions should be equivalent.

Do you offer any coupons?

We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, updates, and giveaways from Scott & Jon’s! You can also join our mailing list, where we occasionally offer coupons and other exclusive promotions.

Do you still offer Vegetarian & Chicken items?

After much consideration, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our Vegetarian and Chicken line of products.

At our core, we are a seafood brand and decided to refocus our efforts on making better-for-you seafood meals going forward.

Our Vegetarian and Chicken items can still be found on shelves, but only for as long as that particular store has inventory.

We encourage you to check out our store locator on the “find us” page of our website to stay up-to-date on locations selling and items currently available.

Do your products contain any GMOs?

No, our products are 100% non-GMO and completely free of any bioengineered ingredients. At this time, we are unable to pursue official GMO-Free certification but hope to obtain it in the future. We pride ourselves on using only simple, wholesome ingredients, ethically-sourced shrimp, and flash-frozen veggies.

Are your products made in the US?

Yes, our meals are all produced in the United States.

Where are your shrimp sourced from?

We source our shrimp from multiple locations around the globe, but all our shrimp come from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified sources. BAP is a globally recognized seafood-specific certification program that addresses the four key areas of sustainability—environmental and social responsibility, animal welfare, food safety, and traceability—at each step of the aquaculture production chain.

Where is your salmon sourced from?

We source our salmon from multiple locations. We primarily use Atlantic Salmon from Norway. Our salmon is ASC certified. ASC certification, or Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification, guarantees sustainable and responsible practices in aquaculture. It ensures that our salmon is produced with minimal environmental impact, promotes fair labor, and offers consumers confidence in choosing environmentally friendly products.

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